Global Sourcing Division

Through our network of established manufacturing partners across the globe, our customers can take advantage of reduced cost on the following products: 

  • All types of printed circuit boards
  • Metal fabrications such as stamping, die casting and CNC machining.
  • Wire harnesses and cable assemblies
  • Plastic injection molding, vacuum, over and blow molding
  • Membrane switches and graphic overlays
  • Transformers and coils

Since our manufacturing partners are carefully qualified, we match our customer's needs with our partner's capabilities, eliminating many of the problems commonly encountered with managing projects in multiple global regions.

We have direct employees in China to manage logistics and quality.

We carefully select our partners based on:
  • Technology & Capabilities
  • Quality Performance & Consistency
  • Responsiveness & Flexibility
  • Delivery Performance & Consistency
  • Cost Effectiveness
ASC Global Sourcing Benefits include:
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Multiple partners in each product family: We match customer needs with our partner’s capabilities.
  • End-to-end supply chain management, including managed inventory and stocking programs.
  • 15+ years of experience managing off shore transitions
  • We take 100% responsibility for quality / delivery.
  • Source inspection prior to shipment and domestic inspection at ASC to validate quality of outgoing parts.
  • Local warehousing as well as in Hong Kong
  • North American based engineering services

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Your Expert for Global Sourcing is Bob Duke

Bob Duke is an industry leader in global supply chain management and has been involved in the electronics industry since the mid 70’s. He worked for various PCB manufacturers in the early days of his career and migrated to electronic component distribution and supply chain services prior to co-owning a PCB assembly company that had operations in the US and China. 

Prior to ASC, Bob was vice president/managing partner of M-Wave Controls, LLC based in Aurora, Illinois. MWC designs and manufactures custom controls for food service equipment and various other industries requiring these services. He has also held the position of general manager at Hamilton Hallmark (div. Avnet Electronics) in Chicago where he gained a great deal of experience in electronic component distribution. 

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