Column How to select an Insulated Metal PCB Supplier

Written by: on December 13, 2017

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It is important to partner / collaborate with an appropriate PCB supplier for your IMPCB needs. Some of the things to consider are:

















  • The suppliers experience with manufacturing IMPCB materials.
  • A supplier that is educated and has manufactured a variety of different types of IMPCB’s and materials from different suppliers.
  • A supplier that has a good relationship with the material suppliers in the space.
  • The supplier is willing to work in partnership with you keeping an open mind when it comes to your ultimate needs
  • UL – if UL is important to your application, ensure that the supplier has the requisite UL paperwork
  • And finally a supplier that has the process controls and disciplines in place.


These are all things that we have put into practice. We have extensive experience manufacturing  Single-sided, Double-sided and Multilayer boards with metal cladding or metal core applications including LED, power conversion, solid state relays, automotive and motor drives.

Have a question about how we can help you with your IMPCBs? Contact our IMPCB Expert, Dave Lackey.

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