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Designing for Reality Podcast

Matt Stevenson talks about the specifics that can affect your circuit board during the manufacturing process. These conversations are part tutorial, part tips and tricks, as Stevenson systematically details the interrelationships between design, fabrication, yields, and cost optimization. No matter your skill level, there’s something new to think about in this series.

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Real Time with... ASC

Important discussions with ASC Experts John Bushie, David Lackey and Anaya Vardya on Thermal Management, Flex/Rigid Flex and RF/Microwave PCBs.

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Tech Article Compilation: Understanding MIL-PRF-31032

Originally a 4-part series of technical articles, this compilation is everything you need to know about MIL-PRF-31032…all in one place.

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We're inviting you to join our free Webinar Wednesdays! American Standard Circuits is announcing our new Webinar Wednesday series. We will be hosting free Webinars every Wednesday, each week focusing on a specific PCB topic. Our experts will be there to answer any questions you may have!

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eBooks from the ASC Experts

Our experts share their knowledge of relevant industry topics, which are available for free download.

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77 Second Webinars

Got a minute? We squeeze a lot of informative content on a wide range of topics into a very short amount of time.

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ASC Experts Blog

The ASC Experts --John Bushie, Dave Lackey and Anaya Vardya--post their technical columns, informative articles, and answer your question on a wide range of topics that are very relevant to the industry.

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Free Online DFM

Just submit your Gerber files to our server and within approximately 60 minutes, our server will email you a detailed summary in PDF format. This summary will identify potential problems in your design that could affect its performance.

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Free To Use PCB Design Tool

PCB123 is a full-feature design tool for Printed Circuit Board designers of all levels. So what's to stop you? Easy-to-use, and professional-grade PCB CAD software that's free and fully supported.

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