Fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

This book was designed to be a handy reference for anyone needing a quick overview of PCB fabrication processes and the definitions of technical terms related to the PCB manufacturing process. We have comprehensive descriptions of various technologies, complete with illustrations as well as an extensive glossary of common industry terms.

To provide a complete understanding of PCB technology and process considerations used in the market, ASC thought it would be beneficial to partner with the authors of The PCB 101 Handbook, Robert Tarzwell and Dan Beaulieu, and together we have written a more comprehensive version of their original book.

Our vision was to provide our customers with an extensive understanding of design and printed circuit board fabrication techniques. The processes covered range from single-sided and double-sided construction to the higher technologies such as flex, rigid-flex, and metal-backed printed circuit boards. Further, we wanted to provide a book that would demonstrate design considerations from standard product to advanced technology.

Anaya Vardya has over 35 years in the electronics manufacturing business and is currently the president and CEO of American Standard Circuits, Inc. Anaya was previously COO of Canadian-based Coretec, Inc. and senior VP operations of Merix (both now part of TTM). He was also the corporate development manager at Continental Circuits. Before that, he had a variety of management and non-management positions at IBM Endicott and IBM Austin. Anaya has a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a bachelor's of technology from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Robert Tarzwell started in printed circuit boards in 1964. He started a printed circuit, quick turn, manufacturing company specialized in high-technology research and development to manufacture many different types of high technology circuit boards, very fine lines below 40 um, and very heavy copper up to 40 ozs. Since selling his company in 2000, Robert worked as a consultant and has written 42 books on printed circuits and hundreds of articles.

Dan Beaulieu—strategist, marketing guru, tactician, sales coach, trusted advisor, writer, and networking expert—has been in the business of strategic business consulting for over 20 years. During that time, he has worked with over 200 companies helping them increase their market presence, branding, and—most importantly—sales. His column, "It’s Only Common Sense," has appeared on for nearly 700 consecutive Mondays. He can be contacted at 207-649-0879 or [email protected].

American Standard Circuits has done it again! The 3rd book in their growing library of educational books for the electronics industry is a “must have” for PCB designers, OEMs, fabricators, and anyone new to the PCB industry. As the title suggests, the book covers the fundamentals of manufacturing printed circuit boards, starting with simple single-sided product through extremely complicated advanced technology multilayer and hybrid boards. The book explains very complicated technology like HDI, flex/rigid flex, RF microwave and thermal management in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend. This should be required reading for anyone in the industry.

—Steve Williams, President, The Right Approach Consulting, Inc.