Greetings! We hope that everyone is having a great summer so far. Things are going well here at American Standard Circuits and so much has happened since the last edition of our newsletter.

Our entire team is healthy and back at work in the shop and we are growing enough to be looking for more good people in all departments and functions.

We’d like to start by sharing with you all of the new equipment we have acquired. We have installed a number of cutting-edge machines starting with the Vega Ultra R6DL router, which allows us to rout all materials including aluminum and other metals. We’ve added some new Orbotech equipment including the Precise 800 Automated Optical Shaping machine and the Ultra Dimension 800 4-in-1 High Tech AOI solution. These technology enhancements will help to make us the most advanced and flexible independent PCB fabrication partner possible.

We have been getting rave reviews, and thousands of downloads, of our latest micro ebook, The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to…Thermal Management: A Fabricator’s Perspective. We even have plans to produce another book by the end of the year. If you have not downloaded our free books already, be sure to check them out!

And last, but not least, we have recapitalized our company by partnering with Gemini Investors and Plenary Partners with Sikich Investment Banking serving as the exclusive sell-side adviser to ASC. This will allow us to take ASC to the next level, providing us with the financial backing to serve you for years to come.

ASC is back on the road and taking part in live trade shows again. I attended the IMS show in Atlanta a few weeks ago and plan to exhibit at PCB West in October.

It feels good to start getting back to normal and we look forward to things getting even better.

As always, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all letting us be your chosen partner, especially during these challenging times. We look forward to not only working with you but actually seeing you in the near future.


Anaya Vardya
CEO, American Standard Circuits


Standard of Excellence: Dare to Share

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The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to... Thermal Management book review
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Finally, here’s an RF book from the fabricator’s point of view. This book gives PCB designers valuable insight into what it takes to build an RF PCB. For the first time, designers get a complete understanding on how their designs become a reality.

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DFM 101: PCB Materials
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ASC News
American Standard Circuits Installs New Vega CNC Equipment
cal-blueendar July 21, 2021 
American Standard Circuits has added a new VEGA Ultra R6DL series PCB blind routing machine to their growing line up of advanced equipment. Full Story
blog 1
American Standard Circuits Acquires Orbotech Precise 800 
cal-blueendar June 28, 2021
The Orbotech Precise 800 has the ability to laser ablate shorts and other excess metal defects down to 25 um (1 mil) lines and spaces. Laser ablation is performed using the defects of AOI and CAM data, ultimately providing superior quality and high accuracy of advanced HDI applications, improving yields and supporting on time delivery. Full Story
American Standard Circuits Acquires Orbotech Ultra Dimension 800
cal-blueendar June 18, 2021  
The Ultra Dimension 800 has the ability to perform both pattern and laser via inspection in a single scan. It also provides more intense inspection capability down to 10um (.4 mil) line and space which is important for the support of advanced HDI customers, as well as the finer geometries achieved with the Averatek process.  Full Story
blog 2
American Standard Circuits Installs HIOKI Testers
cal-blueendar April 19, 2021
American Standard Circuits has recently purchased and installed two HIOKI electrical testers, including the 1116-74 and 1270 models. The HIOKI 1116-74 model provides high-speed pattern testing using the capacitance measurement method, an approach that features dramatically fewer test steps and shorter test times than the continuity test method.    Full Story
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