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Our goal at American Standard Circuits is to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed in their own marketplace. This means that we are always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies that will in fact make them better.

One of those technologies is Embedded Passive Technology. Traditionally used by defense and aerospace companies, the technology integrates passive components such as resistors and capacitors into the PCB’s inner layers. It is especially effective when used for high frequency and high-density applications.

In this edition of our technical newsletter, we are highlighting our Embedded Passive technology.

If you have a particular need for this technology or would like to learn more about it, please read on. For further information about Embedded Passive PCBs or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

As always, we thank you for your business and most of all your trust. We are in business to help you be better, whatever it takes.

We provide multiple options for both Buried Resistors and Buried Capacitors.


Anaya Vardya
President and CEO
American Standard Circuits
Meet the Team

David Lackey  

Dave is our VP of Business Development and has been involved with manufacturing PCBs since 1980 and has worked in various shops, most of which had military certifications and utilized higher technology.

He has extensive experience building metal-core boards and PCBs requiring thermal management solutions, as well as flex and rigid-flex boards.

Having worked in most departments throughout the years, Dave has developed a strong engineering background and is knowledgeable in most industry technologies. His background enables him to work not only with buyers but with design engineers, quality and manufacturing personnel as well. Most questions can be answered on the spot, without having to deal with multiple visits, e-mails, or calls.
Contact Dave at [email protected]
What is Embedded Passive Technology?
Embedded passives technology integrates passive components such as resistors and capacitors into the PCB’s innerlayers. Embedding passive components can lower cost, increase reliability and reduce the footprint of the PCB.

Embedded Capacitance Materials
Embedded Capacitance Material consists of a very thin layer of ceramic-filled epoxy sandwiched between two layers of copper foil. It can be patterned as a power and ground plane pair for a lower impedance, shared capacitance power distribution network. The biggest design benefit is that it increases the usable board area by allowing for the removal of many, if not all, capacitors equal to or below 0.1 Microfarad (μF) and their associated solder joints and vias. Additional benefits include:

  • Better power delivery
  • Lower profile
  • Low inductance & impedance
  • Thickness & weight reduction
  • Higher reliability

ASC utilizes Oak Mitsui's Farad Flex Materials, DuPont's Interra® HK04 Thin Laminates, and 3M's C-Ply materials.
Embedded Resistor Materials

Embedded resistors are planar resistive elements made into a thin film. This type of resistor becomes part of the etched and printed circuitry on the standard printed circuit board layer, and in assembly, it eliminates the need for resistor solder joints. Embedded resistors are used over surface discrete resistors when there is a need to miniaturize a PCB footprint, increase density, improve signal integrity or electrical performance, and increase reliability

Additional benefits include:
  • Improves line impedance matching
  • Reduces signal paths & series inductance
  • Reduces cross talk, noise, and EMI
  • Enhances the performance of cost-effective resistor technology in high-speed high-density designs
  • Eliminates discrete resistors, which reduces assembly time
  • Stable through a wide frequency range 20+Ghz

ASC utilizes OhmegaPly® & Ticer TCR® as options for this technology.
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