July 2022

It’s getting hot, hot, hot!

While things are heating up outside, it’s getting even hotter in the PCB industry with advancements in thermal technology. As electronic configurations get denser with more powerful components occupying smaller and smaller real estate, it has become particularly critical to control the heat. The PCB has become the “heatsink” when it comes to keeping the package cool.

The ASC team has been focused on thermal control technology for decades. We have made a study of testing and working with special thermal materials to find the right ones for each unique thermal application.

No matter what the conditions are or what the atmosphere our products will be exposed to, we have worked diligently with our customers to make sure we provide the very best solutions.

In this newsletter you’ll find information on some of the methods we have developed for keeping the heat out. I hope that you will find this useful as well as interesting and informative.

Enjoy the newsletter and beat the summer (PCB) heat!


Anaya Vardya
President and CEO
American Standard Circuits
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Embedded Coin Technology

Embedded coin technology is quickly becoming a preferred alternative to internal heatsinks to draw heat directly down and away from the heat generating device to the backside of the PCB. 

The term “press fit” coin gets used quite often when discussing various embedded coin applications. The fact is that most practical applications where coins are employed use a coin which is bonded into the structure during the multilayer lamination process. In this case, the coin is bonded into place and sealed by the flow of the prepreg resin which is adjacent to the coin at the time of lamination. The result is a securely mounted but electrically isolated coin. Either ground via structures are added through a flange in the coin, or the cap plating on the top and bottom of the coin, provides the grounding connection. 

There are numerous types of coins that may be employed, so early engagement and ongoing communication with your fabricator are essential in order to settle on a specific mass of coin required for the thermal dissipation necessary for the specific application. 

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