It has been quite a year so far for our American Standard Circuits family. Our focus has been on making our customers lives easier. The good news is that we invested in several very key pieces of equipment including an Orbotech laser direct imaging machine, a Pluritec X-Ray drill machine and new via fill equipment. Collectively this helps us build higher density products and improves quality on existing production. We have also upgraded the software in our engineering department to include a suite of products from Orbotech --  Gen Flex, InPlan, InStack, InSolver and Insight system. All of this is with the intention of providing our customers with everything they need to be successful and be as responsive as possible.

We have upgraded the quality system at ASC by getting certified to the AS9100C standard. While this is an aerospace standard, ultimately all of our customers benefit from this implementation as our approach throughout this process has been on improving processes and systems at ASC.

We also updated our UL approvals to include Polyimide laminates and various metal backed laminate materials.

We are extremely proud of our associates here at ASC, especially our team of technology experts which are now featured in our new “Standard of Excellence” column which was recently launched on I-Connect007.  Be sure to check it out and contact our experts yourself if you have any questions for them.

And now with the year quickly coming to a close, we will continue our efforts to upgrade and improve all of our solutions in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.


Anaya Vardya
CEO, American Standard Circuits

Standard of Excellence:
Let's Get Flexible

-by Dave Lackey
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Standard of Excellence:
Communication Breeds Success
-by Anaya Vardya
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In this interview, Anaya Vardya shares ASC's strategies and the challenges the market faces.
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"I design a lot of circuits that operate at greater than 100GHz.
American Standard Circuits is the company that I trust to
fabricate my circuit boards. Their knowledge of materials and
extremely tight fabrication tolerances are keys to our success."

-Irfan A. – Senior RF/Microwave R&D Engineer at National Instruments

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