August 2022

This month our focus is medical. 

As we continue our journey to be the most diverse, capable, and versatile independent PCB fabricator possible, we now set our sights on technology focused toward medical electronics. We have been in the medical arena for quite some time, but this year our team decided that it was time to move into a leadership role in that critical market.

With that in mind we have added the Averatek A-SAP technology process, the most reliable process for fabricating medical electronics PCBs, to our capabilities and have added industry expert John Johnson, formerly Averatek’s vice president of sales and customer service, to the team to help us increase our market share in that arena.

We are on track to attain our full ISO13486 medical qualification by late fall, making us a fully qualified medical PCB supplier.

Our goal, as always, is to be the best we can be for all our customers which now extends to our medical electronics customers as well.

One more thing. Stay tuned for our next webinar coming in September. The subject of that webinar? Medical electronics PCBs of course!


Anaya Vardya
President and CEO
American Standard Circuits

Upcoming Webinar October 19th:

Special PCB Processes for Medical Electronics

ASC highlights the best PCB fabrication technologies for the most reliable and critical medical electronics products. From the Averatek A-SAP process to other very reliable processes this webinar will offer the best solutions for your Medical Electronics products. Case studies will be included.

Oct 19, 2022 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

ASC Medical Case Study

Typically, when a client walks in with a preconceived idea or design of a PCB and its functionalities, ASC first analyses it to identify any flaws and gauge its feasibility and manufacturability. In the event of any design flaws or cost issues driven by the materials required to build the PCB, the company not only guides its clients in the right direction but also proposes cost-effective alternative solutions that do not compromise on quality and functionality. This is one of our stories.

The Problem

  • Current design was cost prohibitive and would cause massive yield issues 
  • 3-layer Rigid-Flex design using flex as an outer-layer 
  • Required button plating to maintain flexibility in the flex region 
  • Required laser cutting of the Coverlayer for SMT pads 
  • Tight registration required smaller manufacturing panel for processing 
Figure 1 - Original 3-Layer Design

ASC Solution
  • Converted to a 4-layer rigid-flex 
  • Eliminated the need for button plating the flex layers 
  • Eliminated the need for laser cut Coverlayer 
  • Able to manufacture on a larger panel size 

  • While material costs were higher, the redesign resulted in a 20% overall savings 
Figure 2 - ASC Redesigned 4-Layer Design

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