E-NEWSLETTER l February 2022
Experts in Thermal Management Techniques

In this edition of our monthly newsletter, we are discussing some of the challenges involved in controlling heat. As devices get more powerful, they produce more and more heat. This forces us to find new ways of dissipating that heat. From metal core and heatsink boards, to new high tech thermal substrates, we find ways to control the heat and provide our customers with safer and more productive printed circuit boards.

We welcome you to reach out if you have any questions about specific challenges that you would like us to help you with.

We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers. We strive to be your expert consultants for all your high technology printed circuit needs. Make sure that you visit our web site, www.asc-i.com, as we are always adding new valuable information about printed circuit technology.

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Anaya Vardya
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PCB Designers Toolbox Webinar Series

New Webinar Series For PCB Design Professionals

ASC is starting a new live monthly webinar series which will also be available on demand after the live session. We will cover various aspects of PCB Manufacturing and their interaction with the PCB Design process. We will be providing with helpful suggestions on improving your design for manufacturability and cost effective solutions. We will also expose you to new technologies that may be useful to you. Currently we have scheduled the next three webinars.

  • Feb 23, 2022: PCB Manufacturing process and implications to design
  • Mar 23, 2022: Fundamentals of Flex and Rigid Flex
  • Apr 20, 2022: Best Practices for Fabrication Notes
Pedestal Technology for High Power LED's

For LED applications with a demanding heat transfer profile, integrating pedestal technology may be the optimal solution. The Pedestal construction on metal core PCBs allows the designer to get a direct path between the LED (heat generator) and the metal core of the PCB. A typical LED is soldered to the surface of the PCB and the heat must transfer through the PCB dielectric material before it gets to the metal core. Another option is to use thermal vias to get a more direct transfer to the metal core. Both of these designs are suited for lower heat applications, but may not be optimum for high heat generators. A pedestal is simply a buildup of copper plating from the metal core up to the surface of the PCB. Thermal conductivity of 400 W/mK can be achieved using pedestal technology. The cross-section view below visually highlights the “pedestal” effect of this construction. 

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