American Standard Circuits Installs New Schmoll SpeedMaster HDI 6 from Burkle North America

American Standard Circuits has purchased and installed new Schmoll SpeedMaster HDI 6 high technology drilling equipment provided by Burkle North America.

Burkle North America President and CEO Kurt Palmer commented, “With the Speedmaster HDI 6, American Standard Circuits has acquired a state-of-the-art high speed drilling machine, with accuracy better than +/- 20μm. Equipped with linear motors in all three axes, the Speedmaster not only is fast and accurate, but maintenance costs are low as well. ASC also chose to include the 6,200 capacity “tool chain”, significantly reducing manual drill bit handling and further increasing productivity. Burkle and Schmoll are proud to be part of the American Standard Circuits team!”

President and CEO of American Standard Circuits Anaya Vardya noted, “With customer demand for our Ultra HDI technology growing, we had to choose the best equipment we could find and the SpeedMaster fit the bill. With precision drilling we are able to handle all of our HDI needs future drilling needs. This equipment is a game changer for us.”