American Standard Circuits has recently installed a new Model MK II Plasma Etching System from Plasma Etch.

The Plasma Etch MK-II plasma etching system offers technological advantages such as the unique combination of process temperature control and electrostatic shielding. Both work in harmony to produce the most consistent, most uniform, and most reliable etch rates obtainable across an entire board's surface.

The MK-II is an excellent choice for use in industrial clean room settings as a plasma etching system and works very well for treating flexible circuits. Flexible circuits may be placed on the horizontal shelves to prevent movement and shorting between electrodes.

“After a great deal of research, we felt that this was the best system for us to invest in at this time,” commented President and CEO Anaya Vardya. “The fact is that in the past three years our flex, rigid-flex and mixed material business has tripled making the addition of this system more important than ever. As always, our goal at American Standard Circuits is to provide our customers with the very best process solutions available in the industry today, and this plasma etching system represents just that.”