As part of their complete facility update, American Standard Circuits has purchased and installed new Metrohm CVS 894 equipment and software.

“Adding this equipment is truly taking us into the future,” commented President and CEO Anaya Vardya. “For the past five years we have been involved in an intensified study, on the lookout for the very best process equipment available that will help us achieve our goal of being the most advanced independent PCB fabricator in the country. This acquisition takes us one giant step closer to that goal.”

The 894 Professional CVS, together with viva software, is the most powerful CVS system for the determination of organic additives in electroplating baths.  The automatic features of this system make the titrations more reliable, with less labor, and minimize chances of cross-contamination of materials. The system is convenient, secure and stands out for its unique flexibility. Due to the system’s entirely modular design, it can be expanded and upgraded at any time with additional units such as dosing devices, pumps, and sample changers.

The viva PC software also provides maximum flexibility. All parameters are freely accessible in viva giving users virtually unlimited possibilities to put together their own methods. viva controls the 894 Professional CVS, as well as any other devices connected. Important methods are already pre-installed in viva, so that the system can be put into operation quickly and easily in just a few steps. Another key benefit of viva is the integrated database. In addition to automatic data acquisition and evaluation, it also enables convenient management of the measuring results. User administration with freely definable access rights, as well as automatic backup functions, ensure a high level of data security.

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