American Standard Circuits Installs Hybrid Laser System from Excellon

American Standard Circuits has recently added laser drill and routing technology to their capabilities by selecting Excellon’s COBRA-II Hybrid UV and CO2 laser system.

President and CEO Anaya Vardya commented, “As our customers’ demand for laser micro vias and laser routing increased we felt it was critical to invest in a new Hybrid UV and CO2 Laser system. After extensive research for nearly a year we decided that the Excellon system was not only the best of the market, but the best solution for us at this time. In the past year we have dedicated ourselves completely to providing our customers with Ultra HDI Micro-Vias and felt that this was the best way to continue that promise. There is no doubt that this system is the best value on the market today.”

Added Mike Sparidaens, vice president of Excellon further noted, “American Standard Circuits’ decision to acquire the Excellon COBRA-II Laser was based on cost-reduction and lead time improvement for their customers and provides them with the most accurate laser technology available today. As the system is easy to use, literally one week after the system was installed, they were running boards. We are extremely excited to have been able to work with the team at American Standard.”