American Standard Circuits Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Anaya Vardya, President and CEO of American Standard Circuits, has announced that on August 25, 2023 American Standard Circuits celebrates 35 years of doing business.

Starting with a small facility in the Libertyville, Illinois area, ASC has grown to be one of the major leaders in the North American printed circuit board market. In 1994 the company moved to a larger facility in Franklin Park and then to their current facility in West Chicago in 2004.

During that time there have been several significant changes to the industry and the company.

Founder Gordhan Patel recalls, “When we started American Standard Circuits back in August 1988, we were very small company with one drilling machine, a few plastic tanks, and basic machines. There were almost 600 other shops in North America, no one had even heard of laser drills, laser direct imaging and there were little or no global solutions. We were building only simple single and double-sided boards. It took a while to get some traction but by the time we bought and moved into the facility in West Chicago, we were on our way.”

Vardya came to the company shortly after moving to the new facility and took the reins to lead the company to where it is today. With the recent acquisition of Sunstone Circuits, American Standard Circuits is now a sixty-million-dollar company and one of the industry leaders when it comes to technology, flexibility, capability, and reliability, offering their customers a completely holistic solution from concept to reality.

Vardya commented, “Of all of the things I have done in my career my work with the team at American Standard Circuits is what I am proudest of. Together we have built a significant company that is making a real difference in the industry. Our growth and success during the past 35 years is a tribute to the vision of our chairman, Gordhan Patel, and all of the great people who have been part of and are still part of the American Standard Circuits team.”