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Standard of Excellence

This column is a cooperative writing effort by our team of experts. Each month, one team member will contribute a column that focuses on his specific area of expertise.

The Challenges of Hiring Good People and Methods for Success

We are being hit on all sides; much of our work force is aging out while young people don’t seem to be too interested in joining the printed circuit board industry. Let’s face facts: Fewer young people are going to college to become circuit board process engineers.

Standard of Excellence: The Advantages of Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

Since their introduction, flexible and rigid-flex circuits have been steadily moving from the fringe of electronic interconnection towards its center. Today, flex and rigid-flex circuits are found in countless products from the very simple to the highly complex.

Staying Prepared with Operations

Our customers’ needs are changing dramatically—is your company changing to keep up with their needs?

Selling Technology—A PCB Engineer Transitions to Sales

ASC's West Coast Sales Manager John Tusant talks about the challenges of successfully selling technology in the PCB market today.

RF Microwave Technology: The Future is Now!

Although RF/microwave technology has been around for a considerable amount of time, many people are still not sure exactly what it is. This month, John Bushie dedicates his column to explaining exactly what it is, why it is used, and in what products is it used.

Let’s Get Flexible

We are packing increasingly more computing power and hence capabilities in smaller packages thus creating a need for smaller but more powerful and more flexible circuitry. Flex circuitry is in virtually every new product today from cellphones to medical devices, to scanners for ultrasound wands, industrial, and new defense/aerospace products.

Communication Breeds Success

We all need to talk to one another. You need to work closely with your customers. An open, collaborative, and cooperative partnership will lead to both your company’s success, and the success of your customers.

LED and Metal-Backed Technology—Today and in the Future

Probably one of the hottest, or should I say coolest, technologies today is LED. I would also venture to say it is one of the fastest growing as well. All you have to do is look around you can see evidence of this everywhere from holiday lights in your home and Jumbotrons at sports arenas, to highway and business signage. The lighting industry is now dominated by LED technology.

The Future is in Fine lines

The age of much finer lines and spaces is upon us. After years of slowly moving towards this technology our customers are now demanding that all of us provide them with fine lines and spaces.

Tips for Finding a Great PCB R&D Partner

This new column, Standard of Excellence, represents a cooperative writing effort by a team of experts at American Standard Circuits (ASC). Each month, one team member will contribute a column that focuses on his specific area of expertise.